Weather in Prague

Climate in Prague
The climate in Prague is mild, moderately continental, winters are relatively mild, with little snow, and summer is usually rainy and warm.
Spring comes in March, and autumn ends in early December.
The average air temperature in January is −1.4 ° C, in July +18.2 ° C.
The total average annual rainfall is about 500 mm, the rainiest months are from May to August, and the driest are January and February.
The city is rich in green spaces, they make up a little less than half of the city.
Residents of Prague in the matter of clothing prefer the convenience of fashion. In case of weather changes during the day, dress according to the "onion" principle so that you can take something off if it becomes hot or put it on the contrary.
On winter walking tours around Prague, dress warmer, as we will walk around the city a lot.
We recommend comfortable, better sports shoes - there are a lot of paving stones in the old town and that the Prague excursion is comfortable for you to have such shoes. Do not forget the umbrella.
On a trip to Moravia with a visit to the caves of the river Punkva, take a warm sweater or jacket - it is always cool in the caves.
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