Be careful when exchanging money in Prague.
You can change money in exchange offices, in banks, at the reception of hotels. Before the trip, check the current exchange rate on our website, and if you ordered a transfer from Prague Airport to Empire, then remember the course that our meeting guide will tell you. Do not change money at the airport - it is not very profitable.
Remember that many exchange offices take a very large, often predatory, commission. Therefore, not paying attention to the rate on the scoreboard, always before the exchange, ask how many crowns you will receive in your hands for your own, for example, 100 euros and compare the proposed amount with the real rate. Recheck the received amount before signing the receipt.
It is best to change money in the so-called "Arab" exchangers. To find them is quite simple - in the window there will be a person of Arab nationality. In such exchange puktah do not take a commission in the exchange and the course there is always the best. Most of these items are in the area of ​​Wenceslas Square and on Politických vězňů Street, which is located parallel to Wenceslas Square, one block away, to the right, if you stand with your back to the National Museum building. Such an exchanger is in the building of the Palladium shopping center (in the arch to the left, if you face up to the entrance).
Please note that the exchange rate at the airport is the most unprofitable. It is not profitable to also change money in banks and hotels. Often, when exchanging more than 500 or 1000 euros in Arab exchangers, you can get an even more favorable rate if you ask an employee about the exchange rate when exchanging a large amount.
Do not change money on the street, with hands, no matter how profitable the course offered to you. Usually in such cases, tourists get Hungarian forints, which are a bit like crowns, but they are significantly inferior in value.
Euros are accepted in large stores and restaurants, but the rate is not very profitable, so it’s better to pay in crowns or using cards.
Cards are accepted almost everywhere, there are many ATMs in the city. If you have a Sberbank card, then by visiting one of the branches of Sberbank in Prague (and there are quite a lot of them) you can withdraw money without commission and at a good rate.
You will need cash crowns to buy an excursion in Prague, tickets for public transport, small souvenirs or for food and drinks in small shops where you may not accept cards. Order and pay for tours of the Czech Republic with a credit card on our website.
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